No charges after puppy dragged behind moving vehicle

No charges after dog tied to vehicle hitch
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There will be no charges against the woman who dragged a puppy behind a moving vehicle in Lancaster County, South Carolina, earlier this month. According to WSOCTV News, investigators believe that the woman, who has not been identified, did not realize that the seven-month-old puppy was tethered to her car.

The driver had to be flagged down by other people who witnessed the pit bull mix pup being dragged – the woman driving was “distraught” and claimed that she did not know that the puppy was tied to the car’s hitch. The woman alleged that her 11-year-old child had tied the pup to the hitch and did not inform her – the driver “jumped in her vehicle” after learning that a relative had been involved in an accident, and she did not see the puppy tethered to the car.

Investigators used a lie detector test on the driver to help confirm her story and she passed – the puppy, who was seriously injured in the May 5 incident, is still recuperating, and is in the care of a rescue organization.

Sheriff Barry Faile commented on the decision to forgo charges against the driver:

We do in proper cases make animal cruelty charges. Unfortunately, in this case, a unique chain of events led to the terrible injuries this dog received. The driver of the vehicle was very upset from the moment we encountered her at the scene. Through our investigation we confirmed she did not know the dog was tied to the back of her vehicle. This was a terrible accident, and charges are not appropriate.”

(Stock image of hitch via screenshot/Flickr/Shmily/146)

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  1. Accident or not she should be held accountable for what she did! She needs to take responsibility for her or her 11 year old’s negligent actions and at least be held responsible for the vet bills!

  2. One can fix many things, but it’s absolutely impossible to fix stupid. This family should never be allowed to adopt any more animals as they are incapable of caring for them……

    I do NOT buy this story….. First of all: tying a dog to the car??? I have never done this, nor has anybody in my family or any of our friends. If my child ever did this, there would be SEVERE punishment……
    Second point, I always check my car and the surrounding areas before I drive anywhere…… if I were distraught, I would have someone else drive me……

    I am delighted to learn that this puppy is no longer with this family. Hope he heals and is adopted into a new, loving furever family.


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