New life for senior dog dumped by former family who wanted a puppy

New life for senior dog dumped by former family
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An older dog is embarking on a new life after his former family dumped him. The senior Corgi, Munchkin, was nearly put down thanks to his former family, who wanted him euthanized. Fortunately, the veterinarian who was asked to put the 10-year-old dog down refused – asking instead if Munchkin could be surrendered.

Munchkin was taken in by A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue in Las Vegas and he was recently adopted by a family who is shocked by what nearly happened to the dog. New owner, Michele Padilla, tells Fox 5 Vegas, “He’s perfectly healthy he has a wonderful disposition. It just seems crazy to me.”


He wants all the love all the time. He’s just a fun-loving amazing dude. Never without a smile.”

The rescue group that helped Munchkin find his new family writes:

This is what Rescue is all about! Our hearts are so full! Congrats Munchkin you hit the jackpot! Look at these smiles 😁🐾❤️

Munchkin’s new owner hopes to more people will consider giving senior dogs a second chance, telling Fox 5:

“I’d love for as many people as possible to get out there and adopt those senior dogs. And really give a chance to a senior dog that needs it and could use it and will love you for the rest of their lives.”

(Image of Munchkin via Facebook)

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  1. A Damn Shelter In Kansas Was Going to Euthanize a 10 year Old Beautiful Little Dog Yesterday at closing because No one Had Adopted her !!! Beautiful little White Girl Not Given a Chance .. I commend the Vet That Stepped in and Helped to Save this Little Corgi!!! He looks so Happy. Our Society I Full of People without Hearts and Soul’s Anymore… Thank you from the bottom of My heart to the People That Saw Love and Devotion in this little Guy!!!


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