Never give up: Animal advocates refused to let dog suffer from abject neglect

In Salisbury, North Carolina, animal advocates refused to let a dog suffer from horrible neglect.  Never give up! On Sunday morning, photos of the dog were posted on social media. The emaciated dog, lying on the ground with a heavy chain around his neck, appeared to be dying. Animal advocate, Amy Lewis pleaded for help.

“I was informed Rowan County Animal Control Rowan County NC has been called numerous times by numerous concerned citizens yet nothing has been done….THIS DOG WILL NOT BE ALIVE MUCH LONGER…WE MUST ACT QUICKLY & I won’t stop & please don’t you stop until something is done,” Amy posted on her Facebook page.

“IN WHAT WORLD DO WE LIVE IN THAT AN ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER WHOM IS SWORN IN TO PROTECT AND SERVE ANIMALS THINKS THIS IS ACCEPTABLE???? I have the address … if this is right here isn’t animal cruelty/neglect, I don’t know what is,” Amy added.

Readers were warned not to trespass onto the property and to contact all governmental authorities to legally help the dog.

Within hours, following a barrage of calls and contacts to police and Animal Control, an officer arrived at the address and helped to make arrangements to transport the dog to an emergency veterinarian. Once at the Cabarrus Emergency Veterinary Clinic, the dog’s condition was updated.

“His name is Rocko. He is underweight and slightly dehydrated, but he’s ambulatory once he got into the vet no broken bones no open wounds he did eat a half a can of recovery diet, did drink water on his own, does not need to be kept overnight, and he is not in any sort of critical condition,” a volunteer updated the situation.

Many thanks to everyone who addressed the problem and reached out to help, including the Rowan County Animal Control officers to the East Spencer Police Department. Rocko will be in the care of Muttley Crue Dog Rescue. You can donate via PayPal (Friends and Family option to avoid fees) to
[Please note for ER Rowan Dog.] 

Get better soon Rocko. You have gained quite a list of new friends. Never give up!

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