Neighbor accused of choking family’s pit bull claiming self defense

In what most likely would have been little more than a minor scuffle between dogs back in July, a two-year-old loved pit bull was choked to death with the alleged responsible neighbor yelling the dog was “being put down tonight.” On Thursday, the accused man pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty and misdemeanor charges.

According to NbcNews, the tragic situation began on July 14, as Elana Greenfield and Dominic Primerano leashed their pit bull named Rex and headed outdoors for a walk in the apartment’s courtyard. At the same time, their neighbor Huynh Toquoc’s shih tzu and Steve Roger’s goldendoodle got into a scuffle with Rex.

That’s when Toquoc allegedly cursed at the couple making “vulgar statements” because Rex was a pit bull. Toquoc then strangled the dog to death stating he was “being put down tonight.” Elana claimed she was assaulted by Toquoc as she tried to intervene to save her dog.

“He choked him out, suffocated him and threw him to the ground,” Primerano stated.

At the Suffolk County District Court, Toquoc pleaded not guilty and told the judge he killed the dog in self defense and he was protecting his own dog. The attorney for Rex’s owner, Nora Constance, refuted Toquoc’s claim stating it is “absurd” that any time a dog gets into a scuffle, the proper action is to kill it?

Rex was the only dog on a leash that day. Steve Roger, who owns the golden doodle has been cited for walking his dog without a leash.

A petition demanding felony animal cruelty charges against Toquoc  has more than 275,000 signatures.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    You are able to grab a dog and choke them to death, it sure sounds like you are protecting yourself. Throw this POS in the slammer, he doesn’t deserve to walk the streets. And how about charging him with NOT having his dog on a leash! If these people don’t get any justice from the judicial system then I would say a law suit is in order.


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