Neglected puppy dumped in sugar cane field off deserted road

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A neglected puppy dumped in a sugar cane field miles out of town in Dallas has been rescued. The five-month-old puppy had been abandoned off a rarely traveled road.

“This puppy was found in a sugar cane field miles outside town, off a road rarely traveled. She did not get out there on her own someone took the time to pick her up put her in the car drive her 10-15 miles out of town, ” the organization saving her posted on Facebook alongside of the heartbreaking photos of the puppy.

“After the long drive they had to walk around the car open the door pick her up and put her on the side of the road. This was not an accident she did not escape from her yard, someone made a choice to leave her and allow her to get into this condition.”

On Tuesday evening, the nine-pound puppy’s luck changed; she was saved by Dallas Dog – Rescue, Rehab, Reform. Her condition was critical and she was immediately rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital. Unable to stand on her own, she has no muscle mass and at first her body temperature had dropped to 97.8 degrees. Her blood work tested out to be normal – she has an overload of hookworms.

At the organization’s veterinary partner, the puppy’s condition was further examined and diagnosed.

“We followed up with our doctors today her skin is swollen, with a secondary infection, she received sub q fluids, vitamin b, antibiotics and some eye medication.

I looked down at her and said, ‘Sweet Foxy Roxy you are safe, you are loved and you have a Nation behind you! It is your time to rest and recover and have a new chance at live!,'” the group explained.

Foxy Roxy is in need of soft blankets, clothes, warming bed and good puppy food. To donate, please click here:

Venmo @Dallas-DogRRR

In addition, there is a campaign to help.

Updates to follow.

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