Neglected dog, covered in open sores and malnourished, found in gutter

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Earlier this week, a badly neglected dog, covered in open sores and terribly malnourished, was found in a gutter in Arizona. On August 12, Sky Sanctuary Rescue posted heartbreaking images of the neglected dog, and explained where he was discovered:

Wednesday evening, we received a phone call from our vets office. A healer had just been carried in and surrendered to the clinic. He was found in the gutter on the side of a busy road. The dog was alive but in very bad condition.

The dog weighed in at just 15 pounds – and was in poor health. The Sanctuary writes:

He looked horrible. He could not stand. He had open sores and lacerations across his body. He was infested with thousands of ticks. They were covering every inch of him. You could feel every bone in his body.

I sat down next to him. I approached very slow as I was sure he was in a significant amount of pain. As a slowly put my hand in front of his nose, he sniffed for a moment and then began to lick my hand. I completely melted. This dog has been through hell and his spirit still remains.

Dr. Gilson, the veterinarian performing the exam, explained the dog’s various wounds to the rescue agency:

He said that bed sore on his hip had to have developed to that size in close to a months time… meaning that his dog sat somewhere paralyzed and suffering for that long. In this condition he couldn’t be put under so our first goal was to stabilize him. He was put on fluids, a strong dose of antibiotics and steroids. We put a small bowl of food in front of him and he ate like he had never eaten before. Clearly it had been quite some time.

While working to remove the hundreds of ticks from the dog’s body, the rescue workers decided that the neglected dog deserved a strong name – believing that he looks like a “country boy,” the name Waylon was decided upon.

Waylon has a long road to recovery – and he will never walk again. An x-ray revealed that his spine had been broken and because it was never treated, the damage is irreparable. Waylon is recuperating in a foster home and doing well!

The rescue group writes of his foster, Rachel, and Waylon’s progress:

She is helping him go potty and expressing his bladder through out the day. She is helping is lacerations heal. He is eating like a horse. He loves his new high calorie food to help him gain weight.

We have found out that LOVES other dogs. He just wants to be with them and play. He does very impressive “handstands” and walks on two legs when he gets very excited. He is extremely affectionate. This dog is just wonderful.

A wheelchair has been ordered for Waylon and he will undoubtedly be getting around well in short order. You can help the rescue group continue to care for this dog by visiting their Amazon Wishlist and sending a gift his way.

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2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    How in the hell does ANY living being do THIS to a SEVERELY INJURED dog?!?! The ONLY explanation is IT is NOT human, but rather a DEMON SPAWNED INBRED freak! I pray the Kingdom of God finds the persons responsible for his TORTURE and ABUSE very soon, because the darkness you’re embracing is going to eat you ALIVE.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Love and blessings to you, dear Waylon and your loving caregivers! Hope Waylon receives everything on his wishlist and MORE!


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