Dog starved to death on chain in a basement

Necropsy shows dog was left to starve to death while tethered in basement

A Massachusetts man is facing animal cruelty charges after a necropsy showed that his dog was left to die a slow and agonizing death from starvation on the end of a short rope in the basement of a house. By the time that the dog was found, all that remained were bones, fur and a prong collar attached to the rope which was tethered to a pillar.

As reported by The Telegram, 29-year-old Eric J. Hannon, of Auburn, is facing the cruelty charge for a second time after laboratory testing on the dog’s bones revealed that his original claims about her manner of death were false.

Hannon’s dog, Athena, was found deceased in the basement of a Pineland Avenue home in August 2018. Hannon claimed that the Lab/Husky mix died while he was away from home for one night. Hannon alleged that the basement flooded while he was gone and that Athena had either drowned or was electrocuted.

Hannon pleaded not guilty to the original animal cruelty charge. However, after he was released on his own recognizance, and his charges were dismissed without prejudice, more information came to light following an exam of Athena’s body at Michigan State University. That testing proved that Athena did not die quickly from drowning or electrocution – she was starved to death.

Detective Sgt. R. Scott Mills wrote in a report dated Sept. 10. “Testing conducted on (the dog’s) femurs revealed a result of 2.4 percent, indicating that she died from a ‘slow, suffering death.’”

Hannon is due in court on December 4.

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    This Cynical, Lying, Psychotic, Rotten & Worm Infested piece of Garbage NEEDs To Be Placed in a Land Fill Full of THE Trash He IS and Left to Rot! Rot! Rot!


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