National Park Service plans to kill hundreds of deer on Fire Island

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In a campaign known as “Save the deer!” conservationists are suing the National Park Service over their plan to kill hundreds of deer on Fire Island and on a613-acre estate that is part of the Fire Island National Seashore.

According to the  Animal Welfare Institute, the National Park Service will initiate their plan called the “White-tailed Deer Management Plan” early next week. At least 50 percent (about 500 deer) of the deer population on the William Floyd Estate will be shot and killed. Shortly after the suit was filed, the parties entered into an agreement no deer would be killed for the duration of the litigation.

“In an underhanded, inhumane, and unnecessary move, the National Park Service is poised to violate an agreement by killing deer in New York’s Fire Island National Seashore as early as February 20. Raise your voice and tell Superintendent Alex Romero to abandon this plan and consider alternatives: You can follow the link to send an email, and when you are done please share this post to”

Fire Island is 9.6 miles and is only accessible by boat.

“For now their plan is to limit the slaughter to William Floyd Estates in the next few weeks if they’re allowed to do it,” Animal Welfare Institute biologist D.J. Schubert stated.

According to the AWI, the deer killing could continue through March 31 and then resume in the winter. The group says the killing of the deer violates National Policy Act because the NPS has failed to take a “hard look” at what else can be done; immunocontraceptive programs for deer which was done from 1993 to 2009 and was very successful in controlling the deer population. Upgrading fencing is another alternative.

The government contends to maintain a healthy forest habitat for all plants and animals, the overpopulation of deer has made a negative impact on the environment.

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  1. Stupidity and easier to shoot these animals than listen to and follow those who have controlled herds of deer successfully. New York loves to waste taxpayer money of which I am one of and I have signed petitions on this. Hopefully they will work something better out.


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