N.J. man charged with stabbing and pouring bleach on raccoons

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In New Milford, New Jersey, a man has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty after allegedly stabbing and pouring bleach on raccoons he had captured in his backyard.

According to the Daily Voice, Patrick Biondo, 54, “had poured bleach on the two raccoons and stabbed them.” On Tuesday, Biondo told police he had been trying to exterminate the animals because they had become a constant nuisance, stateing the raccoons had been defecating on his deck and tearing apart his garden plants for more than a year.

Originally, Biondo captured three others raccoons. He said he had called animal control to come and get the animals, but no one ever came. When he tried to use rat poisoning and that didn’t work, eventually the ones he left in the cages he trapped, died from starvation. For the latest two raccoons he trapped in cages, their torture was just as egregious.

Police began an investigation on Tuesday after a neighbor called about the two severely injured raccoons. Their faces and paws suffered extensive injuries from the bleach and the stabbings.

Officials disputed Biondo’s excuses and stated he had been told to contact New Jersey Wildlife Authorities for an officer to come in order to relocate the animals.

The two raccoons were too seriously injured and TYCO Animal Control made the decision to humanely euthanize the animals.

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