Body of whale found in Amazon jungle

Mystery – a dead humpback whale has been found in Brazil’s Amazon jungle

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A massive humpback whale has been discovered in Brazil’s Amazon jungle and it is a mystery as to how it got there. According to multiple sources, the body of the young whale, believed to be just a year of age, was found on Marajó Island, which sits near the mouth of the Amazon river.

The 26-foot long carcass was discovered because of scavenging birds of prey which were feeding on its body. Scientists have speculated that the whale’s body was hurled into the jungle during a storm. But why the humpback whale was even in that area this time of year raises even more questions.

The Bicho D’agua conservation group posted images of the dead whale to Facebook on February 23 and wrote:

The humpback whale stranded in soure, Marajó Island, was a puppy about a year old and 8 M long. The carcass was found about 15 m from the beach, and due to the common macromarés on the north coast of Brazil, it is totally understandable that a carcass will stop within the mangrove Not an adult animal, not as big as it looks in the images.

Renata Emin, the president of the organization, has told local news agencies that humpback whales are typically further south this time of year.

As reported by Global News, tissues samples are being collected from the whale’s body to determine the cause of death.

(Image via Facebook)

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