Mysterious tiny horse with pink mane only seen at night

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Animal advocates and Jean-Drapeau Park employees had been keeping their eyes out for a mysterious tiny horse with a pink mane. The images, which quickly went viral these last few days, were allegedly captured in Montreal’s Lle Sainte-Helene, but there’s more to the story.

It seems the mysterious tiny horse with the pink mane, only seen at night, had all been a hoax staged by a local television show.

According to CtvNews, the images of the pony had shown up on social media Sunday, beginning with a Reddit post, and then, shortly thereafter, a fake identity known as gbphotoclick  created a Facebook page called “Sauvons le mini-cheval” (Save the pony). The ghostly images showed the mini grazing along the side of the road with a shocking pink mane.

“Hi! I was walking on the islands this morning and came across this very small horse. Has anyone seen it?,” Giles Bouchard wrote on Reddit. “I tried to approach him but he was scared and he left. Has his owner lost it or what? How come a helpless horse is alone in a park so early in the morning!? I NEED YOUR HELP! If you see it …..share the photo please!”

By Wednesday afternoon, the Facebook page and the Reddit account had been deleted. So what happened? Groundskeepers had been dispatched to look for the pony, but the horse never turned up via closed circuit surveillance videos.

In the end, it had all been a stunt to test viral news started by the TVA show Vlog. The Montreal SPCA had become involved and took the search seriously. Let’s hope there had not been a real emergency they had to skip in order to help find the elusive mysterious tiny horse with the pink mane.

It has been reported that the pony is someone’s pet that had been part of a show over the weekend. Sauvetage Animal Rescue posted the following:

“Urgent Notice-fake news // share

The Vlog show has decided to do a test of virality concerning the pony at Parc Jean-Drapeau. So there are no pony in distress from the beginning.

Unusual or not, we always take seriously the situations of animals in distress, and have deployed material and human resources for that.

We immediately withdraw our staff on the field.

We will not post any comment about this event.”

Some stations will do anything for attention – not funny.

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