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My dog’s CBD oil and pain relief

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As many of you know, our dog Chesney, suddenly lost the use of her rear legs in mid-December. Since that time, she has regained some mobility, but by and large she is still unable to walk on her own. Regardless, we are happy that she can stand up on occasion and she did regain the use of her bladder – big stuff!

Each day, Chesney receives supplements, special food, and HempMy Pet CBD oil.

Recently, I managed to find myself almost as immobile as Chesney – I fell in the snow, rolled my ankle and broke a bone in my foot. Not fun – and using crutches, a scooter, and a walking boot, has the rest of my body messed up. In fact, various areas of my body (lower back, knee and hip) are so out of whack that the foot pain is the least of my worries!

So, today I decided that I would try Chesney’s CBD oil for myself – why not? It’s human grade and I don’t put the dropper in her mouth, so it’s fine to try. Let me just say, this stuff works great! For for first time in weeks my knee isn’t screaming, my back isn’t aching and even the deep bone pain in my foot has subsided. So…Chesney is going to be sharing with me!

During the first week when I was down and out, my family took over Chesney duties (I can barely walk, so me helping her was a complete no go). I failed to tell them to give her daily CBD oil – when I finally got out of my bed and could observe her, I was saddened to see that she wasn’t trying to stand or use her legs and I feared that she was sliding backwards.

And then I started her back on her CBD oil and we all noticed a change – she was trying to stand again and even taking steps here and there. The only difference- the CBD oil. So, we will both be taking this for the foreseeable future!

Learn more about CBD oil here.

The brand I know and trust – HempMy Pet CBD oil, at this link.

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Clever pooch!

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