Mother and daughter double homicide victims: Family dog survived

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A mother and daughter have been identified on Thursday by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office in a double homicide. Judy Potts, 72, and Krystal Spainhour, 44, were found dead at their home located on Tanglewood Drive in Dalton, Georgia.

According to Whitfield County Animal Supporters from the local shelter, the family dog named Kentucky was the only survivor.

“The blood on Kentucky is hers! She also received blunt force trauma and is coughing up blood!

Most have heard now about the double homicide over night in Whitfield County! We have a third victim who was brought to the shelter! This sweet girl belonged to one of the victims and also received blunt force trauma! After arriving at the shelter she began to cough blood out her nose! We contacted Rescue Dogs Rock Rescue and they immediately authorized treatment for this sweet girl! Please send positive thoughts for this girl! If she recovers it will be due to the quick response from rescue authorizing her to be vetted! PLEASE DONATE ANY AMOUNT YOU CAN! This was a big undertaking and we are hoping for positive results! Thank you!


The suspect, Michael Brandon Townsend called 911. When deputies responded and arrived at the home, they round Potts and Spainhour had died from multiple blunt force injuries as well as suspected stab and cut wounds. According to the Daily CitizenTownsend, 39, was booked into the Whitfield County jail Thursday on charges of murder and two counts of aggravated assault. He is being held without bond.

Sheriff Scott Chitwood stated a motive is still unclear, however it is thought that Townsend had been a roommate in the home and that he may have had a brief relationship with Krystal. A neighbor familiar with the family stated Kentucky was very attached to her owners and may have suffered injuries after trying to protect them.

Short video via Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Kentucky (Millie) has been rushed to the veterinarian treatment. Updates to follow.

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A lovely rescue

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    So this mother and daughter family let someone into their lives and He is a Psychopath who brutally Murders Them Both and tries to beat their companion animal to death Too… He should Not even Make it to jail!!!!

  2. Luana Duncan says:

    OMG! What a sad story!! Thank goodness Kentucky is receiving vet care! Please keep us posted on her!! Will try an donate! Thank u 4 taking care of her!


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