More than 100 Shih Tzu dogs rescued from hoarding situation

In Copiah County, Mississippi, more than 100 Shih Tzu dogs were rescued from inhumane conditions from a home in Crystal Springs.

The Mississippi Animal Rescue League and the Copiah Animal Shelter, in cooperation with the All About Animals Veterinary Clinic have been medically treating and grooming the dogs and puppies that were rescued late last week. When originally notified about the dogs in danger, officials from the humane organization expected to rescue 50 to 60 animals, but when they arrived, discovered more than 100 dogs in dire need of help.

The Mississippi Animal Rescue League arrived at the home with multiple staff members, two trucks, a trailer and more than 50 transport cages. Their Facebook page posted the following account:

“Our staff began the removal process. The vast majority of the dogs were running loose and our staff was pushing beyond their ability to capture so many animals in the large, enclosed structure with no air-conditioning and sweltering temperatures. After the removal of about 50 plus dogs, we were so grateful to receive back up assistance from the staff at All About Animals Veterinary Clinic. Drs. Becky and Michael Holifield and their animal care staff came to assist us with the balance of the dogs.

They stayed until the remaining animals were removed, loaded for transport, and then offered to help us with the housing and care of some of the dogs. They took 46 dogs and 5 kittens. We brought 60 dogs to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League Shelter. Eventually we expect that the dogs will be made available for adoption at both the MARL shelter and at the Copiah County Animal Shelter, respectively. This will be a long process as this case proceeds to a resolution and the animals at both locations are treated and cared for. Some will have a long road to recovery.”

The Copiah County Animal Shelter took in 48 dogs and five cats. Most of the dogs needed to be bathed and shaved from not having been groomed in an extended period of time. Some of the dogs were in better condition while others will be needing more care and rehabilitation. The dogs are not available for adoption at this time.

“Every single dog is matted to some level. Some are so severely matted that the hair blocks their eyes or has caused irritation to their eyes. For some the matted hair has collected feces and urine and it has held moisture on parts of some of the dogs causing skin inflammation. Others have so many large matts that they can barely walk. They cannot be bathed until they are groomed and that starts today. Then we will have 60 little dogs who will get what is possibly their first bath in several years.”

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