Monkeys dying from heatstroke as India’s temperatures soar

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In New Delhi, a group of monkeys died from heatstroke as India’s temperatures have soared to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The scorching temperatures have taken their toll on animals as well as people, media reports stated Saturday.

According to India Today,  the peninsula has seen a profound change in rainfall patterns over the last ten years marked by droughts, floods and storms. Residents have died from dust storms, intense  downpours and flooding as well as lightning hits. Farmers rely on the four-month monsoon season for their crops in South Asia because of the lack of irrigation systems.

In the latest group of monkey deaths, 15 died in Joshi Baba forest range, and it is thought they had met up with another group of monkeys who wouldn’t let the first group get to the only water source.

“This is rare and strange as herbivores don’t indulge in such conflicts,” a district forest officer, P.N. Mishra told NDTV news. “We’re probing all possibilities, including the possibility of conflict between groups of monkeys for water…”

Necropsies are being performed on the deceased monkeys to rule out infectious diseases. And now arrangements are being made for the animals to have access to water facilities.

Tigers have also been spotted moving out of the forest reserves into the nearby villages looking for water. That can only cause a disaster for both humans and animals.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    So much for the “fake” global warming reports. It sounds like the monkeys are starting to act like the humans. It’s too bad.


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