Missouri pooch runs away to play with friends at dog daycare

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In St. Ann, Missouri, a friendly pooch named Hugo ran away from home to visit and play with his friends at dog daycare. Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland recounted the dog’s adventure on their Facebook page along with the video.

“Meet our friend Hugo! Hugo ran away from home with only one thing on his mind…Happy Tails!

Hugo is a frequent boarder here and last week Hugo ran away from home with only one thing on his mind… Happy Tails! Extremely lucky, Hugo ventured over a mile crossing a median on Lindbergh to see all his friends. Hugo came sprinting onto our parking lot and into the front door following one of our employees! We are so glad Hugo wasn’t hurt and told him next time to have his dad drive him! All dad could do was laugh as he picked Hugo up!”

Check out the video at this link. (copy and paste in your browser)


Hugo ran into the parking lot where he followed an employee into the building and immediately commenced playing.

Please don’t share Hugo’s daunting journey with your dogs. Everyone is relieved he didn’t get lost or injured.

(Photo of Hugo escaping home to dog daycare via video)

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