Miracle survival – dog gives birth to puppy after being hit by car and losing leg

Miraculous survivors
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Rescuers in Oregon are elated for a miracle survivor, who just gave birth to a puppy – despite the odds being stacked against her. According to Oregon’s Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue, the pregnant Chihuahua was hit by a car and taken to the Oregon Trail Clinic for care – there, she had to undergo an amputation of her injured leg, and an emergency c-section to deliver her puppy, who was too large for a natural delivery.

Miraculously, mother and pup survived the traumatic ordeal. On Tuesday, the rescue group posted a photo of the newborn puppy and wrote:

It’s a boy! Puppy is doing well. They are starting on her amputation now.

On Tuesday, the rescue organization updated Facebook fans about the mother and her pup:

Look at these two 
It is so wonderful to see that both are doing amazing!
This is one heck of a miracle. This mama is a warrior and so is her baby. To have survived being on the streets, run over, in labor with a puppy that was too big to come out and then a c-section and leg amputation while in shock!
They are little miracles!


You can call Oregon Trail Vet Clinic at 541-567-1138
Or make a donation through PayPal at fuzzballrescue.com . You can also mail in donations to P.O. Box 580, Hermiston, OR 97838

Find the rescue group on Facebook here.

(Images via Facebook)

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  1. I am filled with joy over this story. I know that sweet little girl and her baby are going to find a home/s with someone who will love them and not let her breed with a dog that was too big. That’s obviously why the puppy couldn’t be birthed normally; she mated with a larger dog. Irresponsible people have pets and they shouldn’t. They can’t even take care of themselves. If they could take care of themselves they would do better by the pups they have.


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