Miracle needed for 17-year-old dog that needs to be rehomed

Elderly dog needs to be rehomed
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Update: A home has been secured for Chance

A miracle is needed for a 17-year-old dog who needs to be rehomed. The elderly dog, named Chance, needs somewhere new to live because his owner has fallen on hard times.

The Facebook page, Desperate Dogs of Long Island, writes:

Originally adopted through our page several years ago, Chance’s owner has fallen on hard times- and sadly has to rehome him. He is excellent with cats and dogs, he’s not a barker, and he basically sleeps through the day. 

Add information about the urgency of the situation:

His situation is urgent, and he needs a home as soon as possible, otherwise he may be headed to the shelter.

Chance needs a foster home, or an adopter. Will you please help? Sharing this article will increase Chance’s odds of avoiding the shelter.

Facebook page here.


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  1. This darling sweetheart senior deserves the happiest REST OF HIS LIFE!

    How about a GoFundMe page to help Chance and his owner?!


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