Meet Smoosh the Pooch: He was stepped on shortly after birth

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At five-weeks-old, Smoosh the Pooch was rescued by Animal Helper in New Orleans. The veterinarian who examined the puppy believes he was stepped on shortly after birth. All of the bones in his head were broken, and by the time rescuers scooped him up and rushed him to MedVet – New Oleans, many of his broken bones had fused together.

Surgeons will realign the puppy’s bottom jaw; the rest can not be surgically repaired.

“We are deciding when will be the best for him. If done early, he will likely need another surgery later. He was so weak when we got him that we weren’t sure he’d make it till 8 weeks, which was the youngest age surgery was recommended,” his rescuers posted on the Smooch’s social media page detailing the little guy’s life journey.

Check out his first video:

Smoosh is taking advantage of the last pretty day for a while here in New Orleans. At least Hammy Davis, Jr didn't run away today.

Posted by Smoosh the Pooch on Monday, February 25, 2019

And now at 11-weeks and barely weighing four pounds, the puppy is being encouraged to use his jaw as much as possible. Smoosh now eats only dry food.

“He loves my skin. When he chews my fingers I open the jaw as much as possible. He likes to chew on pre-chewed rawhide and bully sticks. He will not touch new ones. He will play with stuffed toys… He has no fear of anything. He wants to be friends with the pig Hammy Davis Jr., but the pig does not approve.”

Every bit a puppy, he can climb steps, uses a pad to urinate, loves to cuddle and while sleeping on his back snores and snorts because of the damage to his face, nose and jaw.

Donations to help with Smoosh can be made by clicking here.

(Photos and video of Smoosh via Animal Helper)

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3 replies
  1. Addie says:

    What an adorable puppy even with his face deformity, which he obviously doesn’t notice nor do other animals. Glad the vet will be able to realign his bottom jaw. He looks so happy and has no idea what type of issues he has.

  2. Bev Woodburn says:

    Dear Smoosh. You little darling. Please fight to survive. You deserve to live out your precious life with a beloved family. You are runing around like a puppy should and enjoying your precious life. So please keep this precious little puppy Smoosh alive. He dserves to live even with his face deformity, which this darling little puppy doesn’t notice. So happy the Vets are doing everything possible to help him survive..
    The animal torturing monster who stepped on precious little Smoosh must be caught and brought to Justice.
    I pray the monster who stepped on little Smoosh suffers in excruciating agony. Burn in hell for an eternity you lowlife monster.


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