Mean bird that killed his 75-year-old owner is up for sale

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In Madison, Florida, the mean bird that killed his 75-year-old owner last month will be auctioned off on Saturday to the highest bidder.

The bird, a cassowary, is an exotic animal native to Australia and New Guinea, with long dagger talons, stands nearly six-feet and has been described a having a “fowl” [foul] disposition. His owner – animal lover and breeder Marvin Hajos, died on April 12, when he accidentally tripped and fell and the bird attacked.

According to CNN, the cassowary and 90 other animals will be auctioned off at Gulf Coast Livestock; including macaws and marmosets. A large crowd is expected to attend, however no starting price has been set for the cassowary. All proceeds will go to Hajos’ widow and family.

The San Diego Zoo website classifies cassorwaries as the world’s most dangerous birds. The blue faced, flightless bird can weigh up to 170 pounds, can jump seven feet into the air and run up to 31 miles per hour.

If no one bids on the mean cassowary, several conservation groups have already volunteered to take care of him.

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