Matted and scared senior spaniel tries to hide from the world

On November 1, a frightened 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel mix arrived at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California. His legs are weak, and he has trouble walking around the slippery floor in his kennel. His coat is matted, and it doesn’t appear he has had much love or care. He tries to shut out the world – his face pointing into the corner.

Volunteers have given him blankets and moved him to the medical room so he wouldn’t be sliding on his kennel floor.


“Hope we can get this poor baby out soon so he doesn’t have to feel so scared and hide his head in the wall…We need more good humans in the world to come adopt our seniors,” a volunteer at the shelter wrote on Facebook hoping to bring attention to this poor guy’s plight.

Please share his story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

For updates info please call:
626-962-3577 and push 5,2,2 and have ID number ready. Make sure to reference #A5331750.

Baldwin Park Animal Care Center
4275 N. Elton Street
Baldwin Park, California 91706
Mon thru Thurs: 12-7 pm
Fri thru Sun: 10-5pm

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