Manitoba stray found with jar stuck on her head frozen to the ground

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In Manitoba, an animal rescue group is helping a stray dog found with a peanut butter jar stuck on her head  and frozen to the ground. The Manitoba Underdogs Rescue had been contacted by authorities on Friday after a homeowner found the dog hiding under their deck. A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Manitoba  arrived at the home and helped to carefully cut away the plastic jar.

“The officer was able to bring her into Pembina Veterinary Hospital, where she is currently being assessed. She is caked in mud and heavily matted. Her urine is bloody, and she has wounds all over (presumably from dog bites). She is dull, and the bloodwork that was spun is red plasma (a colour is not supposed to be). She had apparently ingested metal, so she may be suffering from metal toxicity. Her liver enzymes are elevated.”

In addition to the jar stuck on her head, the dog, now named Greta, had several bite wounds on her body, had been shot six times with a pellet gun and had an aluminum can inside of her stomach that had been causing metal toxicity. After vomiting had been induced, along with the can, a turkey bone and a Christmas orange also came up.

When dogs are starving, anything with an odor of food becomes appetizing. The can she consumed may have had some sweet syrup at the bottom, and she was so desperate and so hungry, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Volunteers describe Greta as a sweetheart.  She remains hospitalized as her liver enzymes are slightly elevated. Her IV fluids, antibiotics, pain medications, and anti-oxidant for the liver will continue. The blood in her urine is continuing, so she has been scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound.

On Sunday morning, Greta was not interested in eating. Further testing is scheduled for this evening. The fluffy black and white dog has become an internet sensation, and wishes for her successful recovery continue to pour into the rescue organization.

Donations can be made for Greta by visiting Thank you to everyone who has donated and kept her in your thoughts so far.

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