Puppy tied to a brick sparks investigation

Man who was photographed walking a puppy tied to a brick has been charged

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A man who was photographed walking a puppy, tied to a brick, at a gas station in Rockwell, North Carolina, earlier this month has been charged. As reported by WBTV News, 28-year-old Scottie Lee Lewis has a lengthy criminal history and he can now add animal cruelty to his list of charges.

Photos which created concern

Earlier this month, photos showing Lewis walking the small pup through the parking lot of a convenience store/gas station were posted on social media. The images sparked a great deal of concern and outrage and multiple people reached out to the local authorities to see if they could help.

The complaints prompted the local animal services agency and the Rockwell Police Department to open an investigation.


Rockwell Police issued a state citation to Lewis for animal cruelty. When questioned, he informed the authorities that his puppy had been stolen – where the puppy is today is a mystery.

The news agency outlined Lewis’ criminal past – charges include:

Assault inflicting serious bodily injury, breaking and entering, common law robbery, speeding to elude arrest, possession of stolen goods, and numerous vehicle break-ins.

Find the original article about this situation here.

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He’s a cuddly one

3 replies
  1. Larry says:

    Stolen my ass! This SOB is hiding the puppy and should remain in jail until he reveals the whereabouts of the dog, however long that may be. Scum like him should not allowed to walk around posing a menace/threat to honest law-abiding citizens. I’m sure there are plenty of ropes and enough trees in North Carolina to solve this problem once and for all. As the Nike commercials say, just do it!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope this POS hasn’t given the puppy to dog fighters. “Stolen”? I highly doubt that, he is the one who probably stole it!


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