Man sentenced for torture and death of Sterling

Man who tortured and killed Sterling sentenced to prison time

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The man responsible for the torture and death of Sterling, a dog who had been recently adopted from the Michigan Humane Society, has been sentenced to prison time. Sterling’s killer, 23-year-old Alexander Gerth, pleaded no contest to the charges resulting from the dog’s death earlier this year.

Macomb County Judge Richard Caretti called the crime “reprehensible and dispicable” and he sentenced Gerth to three to six years in prison, reports Fox 2 News. Judge Caretti stated:

In my almost 17 years on the bench your case is by far the worst, most deplorable example of animal cruelty I’ve ever seen. Words are inadequate to express the depth and breadth of your cruelty.

Gerth’s defense attorney explained that her client had “impulse control” issues and stated that he had accepted “full responsibility” for what he did. Sterling suffered greatly at Gerth’s hands. The dog killer’s former roommate stated that the dog was beaten so badly that he “urinated and defecated” after being brutally punched.

Sterling was discovered beneath a park bench in Utica on January 24 – he had been stabbed multiple times and was left to die in the cold. His death haunts staff at the animal shelter from where he was held before being adopted. Read a Michigan Humane Society team member’s statement about Sterling here.

Read more about this case at this link.

(screenshot via Fox News)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    At least this POS will spend some time in prison, but what about when he gets out. He is menace to society! That he would adopt an innocent dog like this and then brutally kill him is despicable. If his “impulse control” is so lacking that he can do such an act, I don’t care how much responsibility he takes, he shouldn’t be out in society!

  2. Pennysdachshunds says:



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