Man who took Snapchat video of dog being punched tried to claim reward

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In Clinton, Michigan, the man who videoed a dog being punched in the face and subsequently posted on Snapchat has been accused to trying to claim a $2,000 reward offered by an animal rescue group hoping to identify the man and rescue the dog.

Viewers who saw the disturbing video emailed it to the Macomb County Animal Control. The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office traced the video to a home in Clinton Township and executed a search warrant, however the shirtless man seen in the video nor the dog were at the home. The man seen in  the video had allegedly been dog sitting for the owner.

The Macomb Daily reported authorities went to the man’s home on Friday, but only a dog was there. Animal Control seized the dog.

“About a month ago a snapchat video surfaced of a man who appeared to be punching a dog in the face. We were contacted about this incident and we offered a $2,000.00 cash reward for information leading to an arrest and prosecution of the suspect in the video. We were contacted by numerous people who were trying to claim the reward, however the police had already identified the suspect and the information we had been provided was not needed or able to be used by police,” stated the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.

And now the story really gets bizarre. The person who took the video contacted the rescue trying to claim the reward money. The organization reported the details to the Clinton Township Police Department stating a witness to the dog abuse had made contact and was willing to provide details in exchange for the reward.

“You really have to be a sick individual to not only film your “friend” abusing an animal, but then try to profit off of it too? Both parties should be charged. Prayers that the dog is safe and we hope these animals abusers are prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” posted Theresa Sumpter, director and founder of the rescue organization on their Facebook page.

Macomb County Animal Control Chief Jeff Randazzo found the would be witness disturbing, however the man has not been charged with any crime since there is insufficient evidence to show he had any criminal intent in posting the video. The man in the video, however is expected to turn himself in next week and charges are pending.

The man in the video did not own the dog; the pet belonged to his cousin who was reportedly horrified when he saw the video. The dog is safe and is with his owner.

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