Man has to give up his dog after shooting another dog

Man who shot woman’s leashed dog at park ordered to give up his own dog

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A man who shot another woman’s leashed dog at a park in Port Orchard, Washington, has been ordered to serve jail time and give up his own dog. As reported by the Kitsap Sun, a judge sentenced Raymundo Esguerra Gabriel to spend 30 days in jail and give up his dog for the September incident which left a pit bull named Dottie with injuries that required the amputation of her leg.

Dottie was on a leash, and wearing a muzzle, the day that Gabriel pulled a gun and shot her. Dottie’s owner claims that Gabriel said, “You’re going to learn a lesson today.” The angst began after Dottie’s owner asked Gabriel to leash his own dog – a Chihuahua – who she claims was harassing her leashed dog.

Gabriel initially faced felony charges for the shooting, but they were downgraded to misdemeanors after he pleaded guilty in March. In addition to losing his dog and spending time behind bars, Gabriel must attend anger management classes.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    How about taking the gun away from him so he can’t do it again! I’m all for jail time but should have been more than 30 days, 8 hours of anger management is a joke and not being able to own a dog for 2 years should have been a lifetime sentence! He felt “threatened” by a leashed muzzled dog as he allowed his unleashed Chihuahua to attack and harass this lady and her dog! What is wrong with this picture? Another “slap on the wrist” for a gun toting fool!


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