Man who sexually assaulted a horse sentenced to prison

Man who sexually assaulted a horse has been sentenced to prison

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An Oregon man who sexually assaulted a horse has been sentenced to prison. As reported by KOMO News, 21-year-old Kenneth Duyck will spend 20 months in prison for his assault on a horse who was stabled in the Hillsboro area.

The crime

Duyck was implicated in the April 2018 crime after the horse’s owner discovered semen on the horse’s genitals and recalled getting a call from someone the day before whose name was “Duyck.” The man had asked to sleep in the horse barn, and had been denied. Further information was gleaned from a neighbor and the police were able to track the suspect down. According to Oregon Live, the man was discovered in a parking lot, inside of a stolen vehicle.

The horse owner’s daughter, a veterinarian, was able to collect fluid from the victimized horse. The fluid collected matched DNA from Duyck, who admitted to the authorities that he had been inside of the barn with the horse, and had “ejaculated” on the horse’s tail.

The punishment

In addition to prison time, Duyck has been ordered to not possess horses or other domestic animals for 15 years. He must also register as a sex offender, and refrain from contacting his victims. The man’s license was also revoked for a year.

(Booking photo via Washington County Sheriff’s Office)

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  1. Rose says:

    Ok I’m super glad they caught him and justice is being served but “refrain from contacting his victims”, you have to admit that’s pretty damn funny.


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