Man convicted of animal cruelty for leaving dog outside in a snowstorm

Man who left dog to suffer in frigid weather convicted of cruelty

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A jury has found a Michigan man guilty of animal cruelty. According to multiple sources, 32-year-old James Antonio Roche, of Mt. Morris Township, has been found guilty of animal torture and failing to adequately care for an animal; charges which stem from a December 2017 incident involving a German shepherd mix who was left outside in frigid weather without shelter.

Neighbors reported the concerning situation to the authorities after seeing the dog, struggling to walk, and unattended outside in the midst of a snowstorm. When the police arrived, they discovered the dog “urinating uncontrollably,” and too weak to make it to the patrol car. An officer had to carry the dog to the vehicle to warm up.

At a veterinary hospital, deep wounds, requiring surgical treatment, were found around the dog’s neck – a veterinarian said that a prong collar had likely been left on the dog for a month or more, reports ABC 12 News. The dog was treated and later adopted to a new family. The authorities also found and removed a puppy who was found tied on the man’s porch.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton commented on the case, saying:

This was a horrific case of animal torture. I cannot begin to comprehend how anyone could allow a puppy to suffer under such conditions.

Roche could face up to four years in prison when he is sentenced on Jan. 10, 2020.

(Screenshot of booking photo)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    THIS is WHY people of color get such a BAD reputation. BEFORE you start blasting me with the FACT that white people do VERY bad things too and it’s just not publicized as much…THAT is SO true. HOWEVER, talking about their behavior vs. reputation is a WASTE of time, because my point is: “if you all want the public to view you as innocent until proven guilty, then YOU MUST begin with cleaning up your OWN communities”. For example, why allow police to be called in the first place. Get your butts involved and STOP this crap from escalating BEFORE they’re called. EXCLUDE these MURDEROUS WHITE SUPREMACIST police from the beginning.


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