Charges against man who bragged about dog's killing of fawn

Man who bragged about dog killing fawn has been charged and fined

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The Colorado fishing guide who bragged about his dog’s killing of a young fawn is now facing fines and charges for the cruel incident. As reported by KDVR News, 36-year-old Michael Garcia is facing multiple charges including: illegal possession of wildlife, allowing his dog to harass wildlife and unlawful manner of take of wildlife. He is also facing fines over $1,300 and could potentially lose license privileges from one to five years.

Garcia drew attention to the situation after bragging about it on Instagram (the post has since been deleted):

Gus provided the best action at the end of the day. Got his first big game kill!!

Man recorded dog killing fawn

The post outraged animal lovers across the nation and the outpouring of disgust over the incident eventually reached the appropriate officials. Colorado Parks and Wildlife area wildlife manager, Rick Basagoitia, said:

This is a disturbing case; we’ve heard from many members of the public wanting CPW to investigate. Information that they’ve provided has been greatly helpful to CPW efforts.”

After the dog killed the fawn, Garcia made an attempt to apologize. On July 22, he created a public Facebook post about the incident, writing:

I would like to apologize for the offensive video, and pictures I posted a couple days ago. I truly am a lover of the outdoors and in no way would have thought it would get this out of hand! I’m sorry for everything! I’ve worked very hard my entire life, to figure all this out, and it would suck to lose everything, because of a poor decision on my part!

People make mistakes, and I’d appreciate the spotlight back on the positive side of hunting and fishing, instead of personally crucifying me, and everyone close to me. Gus is an awesome, kind, loving dog. I let him chase rabbits and squirrels everyday, and I promise you, this is the one and only time he’s ever caught a fawn.

If Garcia chooses to not pay the fines, he will have to appear in court on September 16.

Know of a wildlife crime? Anonymous tips can be made to Operation Game Thief at 877-265-6648.

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  1. Janelle DiFranco Babington says:

    Sorry. The apology is not working. We don’t let our dogs chase rabbits and squirrels. We feed our dogs dog food.


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