Man found guilty of animal torture

Man who beat dog with belt and fists found guilty of animal torture

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A jury has an Independence, Iowa, man guilty of animal torture for his abuse of a two-year-old pit bull mix named Daisy. As reported by KWWL News, 42-year-old Jason O’Neil Johnson could face two years behind bars for the an Aggravated Misdemeanor charge stemming from the May 2019 incident.

Johnson attacked the family dog with a belt and his fists because she had chewed a pair of sunglasses. There was video evidence of the brutal beating because he made his son record a portion of it to show to his other children. As reported by the Courier, the video shows Johnson hitting Daisy at least 15 times in eight seconds.

The dog was seized from Johnson’s home and taken to a veterinarian for an exam and treatment.

Johnson will be sentenced at a later date.

Click here to watch a video clip of the beating – it is extremely difficult to watch!

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3 replies
  1. Randy Castle says:

    I hope this pathetic excuse for a man is sodomized and beaten everyday he is in jail and contracts syphilis and dies slowly and painfully

  2. Carol Green says:

    Not only is this coward guilty of the abuse he heaped upon the dog, but he should be tried for child abuse as well. He admitted to wanting the beating documented to show his other children. Why? For intimidation? As a graphic means to teach his children how they should treat animals that did something (perceived as) wrong? With this evidence I hope the judge doesn’t back down from giving this mutant everything the law will allow… and it still won’t be enough.


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