Man placed push pins in tree beds on Queens sidewalk to deter dogs

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In Astoria, Queens and all over New York City, dog owners are aware that tree beds are supposed to be off limits to dogs bathroom habits. Someone in the area, however has placed push pins and black plastic pieces in three planters to deter the dogs – resulting in some serious injuries to dogs.

According to AbcNews, the sharp push pins have been mixed in with shredded car tires around a tree on 23rd Street in Astoria. At least one dog has been injured, and that’s when authorities were called. Some dogs just like to sniff around; one particular dog had been at the site and when she picked up her head, her face was bloodied from the pins. Shards of glass were also found in the tree bed.

Police have since put up yellow tape around the tree warning dog owners of the injury risk and have started an investigation.

The area is across the street from a new dog park located at Hoyt Avenue South.

(Photo of dog injured with push pins screenshot via AbcNews)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t know why I should be surprised at the lengths some people will go to hurt innocent dogs and pets. Someone must know who did this and they need to be held accountable!


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