Outrage after man jumps on pelican

Man laughs as he lures pelican and then jumps on bird in the water

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A Maryland man has raised the ire of animal lovers after he posted a public video on social media which shows him jumping on a pelican in the water. The video, posted on Hunter Hardesty’s Facebook page, shows a pelican being lured with what appears to be a fish, and then a man in shorts and a red t-shirt, jumping into the water on the bird.

The pelican is briefly submerged after the man jumps into the water, and then the man comes to the surface with the bird in his hands. The jumper, and another person who is presumably taking the video, can be heard laughing. A woman, off camera, can be heard telling the man “get out of there right now” or she will call security.

Hundreds of people have left angry comments on the video post – they range from:

“What a punk”


“WTF is wrong with you”


“You are an asshole. Why would you treat any animal this way. Does your place of employment know you are such a jerk. I hope you don’t have pets.”

Despite the angry remarks, the man seems to have no remorse for his actions.  In fact, a follow up post made on Friday states, “The book blowin up on a Friday !! Sheesh 😂”

What do you think? The video below is the one causing the outrage.

Yea they bite hard !!!

Posted by Hunter Hardesty on Thursday, March 7, 2019

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Oh my!

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Please please tell us how the pelican is!

    Many thanks to the woman intervening!


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