Man kicked woman’s dog 15 feet into air without provocation

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In Port Hueneme. California, a homeless man was arrested on Monday for kicking a dog “approximately 15 feet into the air” without provocation. Dylan McTaggert faces charges of animal cruelty, fighting in public and assault on a lifeguard.

According to the VCStar, police responded to a disturbance on Friday afternoon after McTaggert allegedly approached a woman walking her miniature schnauzer along the beach and kicked the small pup into the air. The dog, named Sophie, fell to the ground unconscious causing her lung to collapse and displacing her heart.

“She’s my kid so it’s been really really hard. Friday was bad,” stated the dog’s owner about the dog’s condition. “Saturday was bad. It took 24 hours before she recognized us… She’s wagged her tail a few times so it’s pretty exciting.”

McTaggert lives in an illegal encampment area nearby and has had prior run-ins for disturbing beach goers. He is a registered sex offender and currently on probation for assaulting officers; he is being held at the Ventura County Jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond. Anyone who witnessed what happened is asked to contact the Port Hueneme Police Department at 805.986.6530.

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  1. Keep this useless, disgusting POS locked up forever (lose the keys please)!!! Clearly from his past behaviors, he should NEVER be in society again. He has a reserved spot in Hell waiting for him where he will burn forever for his cruelty…….. Hope he gets there ASAP…….

    I hope Sophie recovers ASAP (& that her vet bills don’t bankrupt her family because no way would this POS ever pay for the damages he has caused)……..

  2. WE ALL may as well just give up and freaking HIDE! We can NOT trust ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY, even the Department of Justice is nothing but a cover up agency for that FAT BASTARD you idiots call a president. Well, I hope you all are happy with ALL the DESTRUCTION by tRUMP and ALL the DESTRUCTION that is FORTHCOMING by his band of criminals. You think it’s been hard for the last 2.5 years…YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING YET! He is going to create and support VIOLENCE across this country in the way that WILL START A CIVIL WAR! Thanks Florida for electing yet another slim bag to blatantly ABUSE ALL ANIMALS, CHILDREN and WOMEN! I pray your DESPICABLE, CORRUPT, EVIL state is SWALLOWED by the ocean SOON!

    • Everyone’s opinion is important, but I don’t think insulting the government, political figures and individual states is helping the animals or anyone else.


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