Man forgot dogs in kennels

Man ‘forgot’ two dogs in kennels – both died of starvation

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On Thursday, a man in Lincoln County, North Carolina, was arrested after two dogs, dead from starvation, were found on his property. The man accused of allowing the dogs to die is identified as 26-year-old Donald Anthony Armand.

The deceased dogs were discovered inside of kennels on the property – the first dog was found by a utility worker who was at the property to turn off the power. After the worker contacted animal services, a second dog, in another kennel, was also found dead. The deceased dogs did not have any food or water in their kennels and a veterinarian confirmed that they died from starvation.

As reported by Live 5 News, Armand did not have an elaborate explanation for the dogs’ deaths – in fact, he admitted that he simply forgot about them. The report reveals that he detectives that he, “was going through a bad separation and was staying and working in Charlotte and forgot about the dogs.”

Armand’s forgetfulness has resulted in two felony charges of animal cruelty.

(Booking photo via Live 5 News)

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  1. Darla G says:

    I don’t give a damn what you’re going through, you POS. Those dogs depended on you for everything. You don’t just “forget” them. I’d like to throw your pathetic ass in jail and walk away, completely forgetting about you. Then you can starve to death and know how your dogs suffered.


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