Dog found hanging from overpass

Man finds elderly dog being choked to death on overpass

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A man in Independence, Missouri, recently made a heart-stopping discovery while driving to work. Hanging from an Interstate 70 overpass was an elderly dog, reports Fox 4 KC. The man, David Fredman, tells the news agency:

I saw what looked like a dog that was being hung over the side of some sort of power box. The cord was definitely strangling him. His feet were touching the ground, but they were barely touching the ground. He was trying to whip his head left and right but could barely move it.”

Fredman immediately made the decision to do something. He phoned 9-1-1 and drove to the dog, using a knife to free the strangled pooch from the tight cord. He describes the dog’s compromised condition after being released:

As soon as I cut him down, he couldn’t breathe. He was trying to breathe. I tried get him to walk. He couldn’t walk,”

The dog was transported to KC Pet Project where staff found a microchip. A call was made to the dog’s owner and the shelter learned that the 16-year-old dog, named Max,  had been missing since Monday morning. Max’s owner, Dee Vaughn, wonders if this was an intentional act of cruelty because Max struggles to walk and would have had a difficult time making it to the location where he was found:

I don’t know if he fell off or somebody tried to hang him. The cameras will show.

The police told Vaughn that they could not take a report about the incident and that he should instead reach out to animal control.

(Screenshot via Fox 4 News)

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3 replies
  1. Pennysdachshunds says:

    AN ELDERLY GENTLE MAN TO the RESCUE !!! I sure hope the AUTHORITIES HAVE ENOUGH COMPASSION to REVIEW the TAPE :hopefully it is not the owner that COMMITTED this Horrific DEED!!! I hope this 16 year old is allowed to Live out his life in PEACE!!!

  2. sherry mainquist says:

    The police couldn’t take a report?? WTH??? What are they good for then?? No investigation either, huh?? contact AC…brother!!!

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    Many thanks and blessings to the Great Samaritan!


    Also. PLEASE update us on how this poor dog is doing!


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