Man drowned trying to save dog who fell into a lake

Man drowned after jumping into lake to save dog

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A tragedy unfolded on a lake in Alachua County, Florida, on Monday evening when a dog fell from a boat, into the water, and a young man went in to try and save him. According to multiple sources, 22-year-old James Curtis Jr. jumped into Little Lake Santa Fe to rescue his pit bull after the dog tumbled into the water.

Tragically, both the dog, and the man who tried to save him, drowned.

Curtis was in a boat with his girlfriend and 8-year-old niece – the pair made it back to shore safely and told the authorities that Curtis never resurfaced after going into the water. His body was finally found six hours after he went into the water, reports Jax 4 News.

Curtis is described as both gracious and selfless – a fundraiser has been established to help his family cover burial costs. Find the GoFundMe account here.

(Image via GoFundMe)


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7 replies
  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    “No greater love…”
    Prayers for both this courageous young man and his beloved Pibble… perhaps they might be buried together, to recognize and honor the depth of their love for one another, and the selfless, supreme sacrifice he made to save his companion?

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Rest in peace James Curtis Jr as well as the dog you tried to save. Condolences to your family and friends. You did what many of us would do if our pet fell into the water.

  3. Ann Dolak says:

    Im really surprised by him being in armed forces previously & apparently not able to swim or tread.Unless he hit his head under water on something (or leaving the boat).Condolences to the family for losing two family members under such tragic circumstances.

  4. Susan Raudenbush says:

    RIP both of you. He did the right thing for jumping in after his baby, I definitely would’ve done
    the same. Prayers & condolences to the family


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