Hispanic men stole man's puppy

Man claims 2 Hispanic men stole his puppy after he stopped to help a woman and baby

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A Colorado man claims that his puppy, and other personal items, were stolen by two Hispanic men who robbed him when he stopped to help a woman and baby who appeared to be in need of assistance. As reported by KDVR News,  on the afternoon of December 29, Neal Hefty stopped to help a woman who claimed to be stranded on the road in Greeley. He told the news agency, “She told me she was having car problems and she had a little baby in the car. So, I thought I’ll pull in and I’ll see what I can do.”

The elaborate scheme

But the “stranded” woman appeared to be nothing more than part of a plot to commit a crime – Hefty explained what transpired when he stopped to help, “Two Hispanic guys come out from behind the skatepark, and one had .38 pistol.” The men wanted cash, but when Hefty told them he didn’t have any, they opted to steal his groceries, and his puppy, Patch. Hefty wants the men to be apprehended and he desperately hopes to see his 10-week-old shepherd/husky mix puppy again; he said, “I just want the pup back. I don’t care about nothing else.”

Information needed

The men who robbed Hefty were said to be driving a bright green Honda Civic with plates from Mexico. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Greeley police: 970-350-9605.

(Screenshot of missing puppy via KDVR News)

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5 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    My grandparents lived on Ward Road near Golden and my Great Aunt lived in Greeley on 6th avenue… I loved going down from a neighboring state and spending time down there years ago…. This State is getting worse and worse all the time with the influx of drug seeking minorities… and JUST PLAIN EVIL HUMANS like these and the two MEN that MURDERED there Wife, two children near Greeley and the one that murdered the Mother of his one year old daughter just in the last few months!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Yes, don’t get me started on this sensitive subject. We do have legal Americans in the country who commit crimes like this, but THESE SCUM ARE FROM MEXICO. This is what we want in our country? Poor man and I hope the Greeley police are able to track down this car with Mexican license plates. What monsters to steal from this man as he is helping someone and to take his food and puppy? Catch them quickly before they try to get out of the country.

  3. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Please keep us notified of the outcome of this poor puppy! I do not care what these people are! Anyone who would do this deserves to be executed!


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