Man charged for wrestling deer to the ground

Man charged – video shows him wrestling deer to the ground

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An Oregon man is facing a charge of “harassing wildlife” after a video surfaced of him wrestling a deer to the ground. As reported by KOIN News, 40-year-old James Alan Hayes, of Molalla, was charged after a video showed him sneaking up on a grazing deer, and then wrestling the hapless animal to the ground.

In the video, which was taken on a cell phone, a man can be heard laughing as Hayes grabs the deer by the neck and wrestles it to the ground before laying on its body. No word on the ultimate fate of the deer in the disturbing video.

Hayes has been released and is expected in court on September 4.

Click here to view the video on KOIN News.

(Screenshot via KOIN News)

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Was this POS “under the influence”??? WHY would anyone think that harassing a deer would be a “good idea”???
    BTW: deer hooves can cut a person to shreds….. even kill with a well placed kick….. this POS was very lucky he didn’t get badly hurt or killed by the deer……

    I hope that the judge “throws the book” at this stupid POS……


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