Man charged for fatal shooting of family's shepherd

Man charged for fatal shooting of family’s German shepherd

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A Pennsylvania man has been charged for the fatal shooting of a family’s German shepherd. As reported by WTAE News, the three-year-old shepherd, Otto, was fatally shot in February after escaping from his family’s Washington Township home.

After Otto got loose, members of the Zuro family spent hours trying to find him. The next morning Otto’s lifeless body was found in their neighbor’s field. A necropsy confirmed that the shepherd had been shot to death. The authorities found a blood trail leading from the Zuro family’s property to Michael Zadrozny’s property; that man is now facing a felony aggravated animal cruelty charge.

The Zuro family is hoping for justice for their dog – in the meantime, they have been left shaken by the violence. Holly Zuro tells the news agency, “I’m scared. I check the doors and windows several times at night.”

(Screenshot of Otto via WTAE News)

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4 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    That neighbor who shot my dog would have a “war” on his hands….. his life would be absolutely miserable (all activities within the law), but a miserable life……

    Good thing I wasn’t there. That POS neighbor would be in the morgue (& I would be headed to prison)……
    I wouldn’t tolerate anyone harming a family member (including dogs, cats & horses)…

    Poor precious treasure Otto, your life was stolen from you and your life mattered!!! I hope you and your family get justice for your murder……

    As for the POS who harmed this precious treasure…… there is a reserved place in Hell waiting for him where he will burn forever for his cruelty.

    Precious treasure Otto, I absolutely know that you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Why one shouldn’t write whilst crying!!!

    Otto was absolutely gorgeous and it’s absolutely heartbreaking that his life was stolen by that POS neighbor. I am absolutely livid for his family…… no one should have to find their precious treasure shot by a neighbor….. Totally disgusting (& that POS knew very well what he was doing)……

    I think if Otto were my furbaby, I would be in jail & POS neighbor in the morgue…… My husband and I make a point of introducing our furbabies to all of our neighbors. We also tell them where we keep spare crates in case they catch anybody who has escaped (rare, but it can happen)…… in 20+ years, never had any problems with our neighbors (& our various rescue and “guest” furbabies)…… But our neighbors are all animal lovers and we look out for each others’ furbabies….. Sadly there are awful individuals out there too (& it’s horrible if one of them is a neighbor)…..


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