Man caught on video swinging small dog and slamming it to ground

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In Redwood City, California, police are asking for help identifying the man caught on video swinging a small dog into the air by its leash and then slamming it to the ground.

According to the Redwood City police, the man filmed the apparent cruelty to the tiny, defenseless dog on his cellphone. The disturbing incident occurred on Sunday in the area of 5 Avocent, and the man was heading towards Fire Station 20, south of Redwood Shores Parkway.

The subject is wanted for animal cruelty. If you can identify this person, please cal Sergeant Russ Felker at 650-780-7627 or 911 immediately.

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Oh my goodness!

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    That poor precious little treasure…… must be absolutely terrified……
    If I was there, that POS would not be harming that helpless little Chihuahua……

    I hope the authorities can find this POS and arrest him……. he deserves prison time….. He has also earned himself a reserved space in Hell where he will burn forever for his cruelty!!!


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