Lost pig slaughtered

Man butchered family’s lost pig shortly after officer asked him to keep the animal safe

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A lost pig, who escaped her pen and wandered away from her family’s home in Arcata, California, was butchered shortly after an Arcata Police Department officer asked an area resident to keep an eye on her until her rightful owner could be located. As reported by the Daily Mail, the man didn’t keep the 400-pound pig, named Princess, safe – he killed her not long after the police officer left.

The Lost Coast Outpost reports that the details of the officer and man’s agreement are unknown, but by the time the officer found Princess’ owner and returned to the pig’s location, she was dead. APD Chief Brian Ahearn told the news agency:

We were totally shocked and surprised to learn that the pig had been slaughtered,” Ahearn said, adding that his officer had thought he’d reached a “reasonable arrangement” with the man. “There was no reason to believe that that individual was going to do that.”

Princess’ owner, Carrie Hogan, is horrified by her pet’s fate. She describes Princess as a “very sweet” pig who had been part of the family since she was born just over a year ago.

The man who killed Princess has not been identified – the authorities believe the man may face charges for “theft of livestock.”

(Screenshot of Princess via Facebook)


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    There shouldn’t be any “may” face charges, it should be a given! The pig wasn’t his to butcher and killing it wasn’t his right to do! If the owner can’t get any justice for Princess, then a law suit would be in order!


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