Man arrested after dogs found in locked trailer

Man arrested – dogs found locked in filthy trailer

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This week, a California man was arrested and is facing charges after dogs were found locked in a filthy trailer in Paradise. As reported by KRCR News, on Thursday, Paradise Animal Control was alerted to a concerning situation on the 8000 block of Skyway.

Responding animal control officers found a trailer parked on a lot of “destroyed” property – dogs could be heard inside of the locked trailer and the smell of feces emanated from inside. Animal control reached out to the local authorities for assistance.

The police were able to locate the dogs’ owner, identified as 25-year-old Kelly Knowles. Knowles unlocked the trailer and three dogs were found inside, without food or water. The interior of the trailer was covered with a “large amount” of feces.

Knowles was arrested and he is facing multiple animal cruelty charges. The dogs were taken away for care; they are expected to recover.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    These EVIL LUNATICS should receive the EXACT SAME TREATMENT they inflict on the poor innocent defenseless animals! Maybe they will in HELL!


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