Man arrested after video showed attack in elevator

Man arrested after video shows violent elevator attack on small dog

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A man in Nashville, Tennessee, was arrested after surveillance video showed him violently attacking a small dog. According to WJHL News, 33-year-old Brandon Tynes was booked into the Metro jail for attacking a French bulldog inside of an elevator at his apartment complex.

The video footage showed Tynes repeatedly hitting his dog in the face – he then threw the dog “violently headfirst against the wall” after exiting the elevator. Tynes’ abusive behavior was discovered by an employee at the apartment complex who reported it to Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC).

The authorities searched Tynes’ apartment and discovered drugs and drug paraphernalia. The dog was taken to the animal control facility for care. No word on the dog’s injuries, if any.

Tynes worked at Green Pea Salon – the business has informed the public that he is no longer employed there and issued a statement:

We at Green Pea Salon take few things as seriously as the treatment and welfare of pets and animals. We have been made aware of recent allegations regarding the behavior of a now-former employee. These allegations reference an incident that took place on the former employee’s personal time and nowhere near our place of business. We find the reported actions reprehensible and clearly outside the standards of conduct we expect of our employees. Please understand that outside of stating that this individual is no longer associated with our salon, we can make no further comments regarding the incident. Green Pea Salon will continue to stand firm in our principles regarding the treatment of animals, as we have always done.


(Booking photo of accused man)

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Clever kitty!

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I would THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATE this salon!
    As far as the EVIL LUNATIC is concerned, he should forever beware of elevators that may not have cameras–I have a feeling there are MANY MANY who would love to BEAT THE HELL OUT OF HIM!


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