Man arrested - bloodied dog found in bathtub

Man arrested after bloodied dog found in bathtub

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A man in Decatur, Illinois, was arrested and is facing charges after officers discovered a bloodied pit bull, with a rope around its neck, inside of a residence on North College Street. As reported by News Channel 20, police were called to the home to investigate after someone stated that a brindle-colored pit bull was being killed.

Upon arrival, the authorities were greeted at the door by the suspect, identified as Dalton C. Skinner; according to the report, the man’s hands were shaking and covered in blood. Skinner led officers to the dog in question, who was in a bathtub “full of urine” and blood. The dog was observed with blood on the nose and top of the head – as well as a rope and bloody paper towels around the neck.

Skinner claims that he has first aid training and that he was using the rope to help stop the dog’s bleeding – he also stated that the bleeding may have happened because he “smacked” the dog with his hand, which has screws and metal in it.

The suspect was arrested and is facing aggravated animal cruelty charges – the dog was removed from the residence and is being treated for its injuries.

(Screenshot of suspect via News Channel 20)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Skinner sounds like a royal nut case! If he hit the dog and the screws and metal in his hand hurt the dog his hand would be damaged. Trying to treat the dog with paper towels and a rope around the poor thing’s neck is ridiculous and if he thinks anyone believes him he’s a certified idiot! Please let us know what happened to the poor dog, did he survive the assault? I hope they put the POS away for good!


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