Man allegedly claimed that he enjoyed torturing dog to death

Man allegedly enjoyed torturing dog to death
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A Utah man, accused of torturing a dog to death, allegedly made statements indicating that he enjoyed the killing. As reported by KSL News,  20-year-old Cailean Torquil Macdona MacLeod, of Layton, was outed by a friend who told the authorities that MacLeod made statements indicating that he enjoyed killing the dog.

The informant told the authorities that MacLeod stated that,”he enjoyed hurting the dog and he deeply loved to choke her and found pleasure in it.”

The friend also asked the authorities to check on MacLeod’s girlfriend to ensure that she was safe. The girlfriend was contacted and she confirmed to the authorities that her dog Mocha, an Australian shepherd-collie mix, had died. She informed the authorities that MacLeod initially blamed the dog’s death on a blood clot, but later admitted that he had choked her and that it “went to far.” The man is also accused of punching the dog in the head and repeatedly cutting her tongue.

Mocha had suffered at MacLeod’s hands before her ultimate death in late January. The girlfriend told the authorities that the dog had to have a leg amputated after MacLeod threw her down a flight of stairs – the woman also stated that Mocha was afraid of MacLeod.

Charging documents reveal that MacLeod had fantasies of killing people too – he allegedly “admitted (that) he struggled with the thought of killing people and if he liked it. (He) stated that he wanted to be a drone pilot because they have a high kill ratio.”

MacLeod is facing charges for torture of a companion animal, a third-degree felony, and unlawful detention, a class B misdemeanor.

(Booking photo of MacLeod via KSL News screenshot)

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  1. For heaven’s sake why the hell didn’t the girlfriend get rid of that POS looser instead of letting her poor dog suffer?
    Or at the very least find the dog a new home? Really?? REALLY??? A piece of trash like this needs to be taken out of society before he does kill a human. I hope a judge can see the evidence written in big letters. Hope this POS rots in hell. Or becomes someone’s bitch in jail.

  2. This dude is a whack job. He is going to be a serial killer in a short time. If he is talking about his dark thoughts openly, it is just a matter of time before he begins acting on them. The two legged and four legged animals are not safe with this freak on the streets.


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