Man accused of choking woman and throwing her puppy from a balcony

Man allegedly choked woman, threw puppy from balcony
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A man in Pennsylvania is accused of beating and choking a woman, and then throwing her puppy from a second-floor balcony. As reported by WQAD News, the man implicated in the cruel incident is identified as 28-year-old Shane Lintner.

Police responded to a domestic incident in the early morning hours on April 24 – they found a woman, holding a small dog, waiting for them on the street. The woman had fled the residence and informed the police that Lintner was intoxicated when began fighting with her – during the fight, Lintner allegedly grabbed the woman by her throat and threw her to the ground. After the victim fled the home, Lintner allegedly threw her puppy from the balcony.

The puppy dented a car during the fall, but amazingly was not injured.

Lintner was arrested and taken to Lancaster County Prison – he is facing multiple charges including simple assault, strangulation, and cruelty to animals.

(Booking photo via WQAD news)


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