Man accused of beating Chihuahua to death with shovel

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In Sarasota, Florida, a man has been accused of beating his Chihuahua to death with a shovel outside of his home. Aaron Merwine was arrested on Saturday.

According to MySunCoast, the Chihuahua named Lucky, who weighed just eight-pounds, had been adopted by TJ Connors and Samantha Smith, from Merwine and had been staying with his former owner for the weekend.


“Every couple of weeks I’d get a text asking if they could see the pups, so we’d take them over for the weekend. They were regular parts of the dog’s life,” explained TJ, so that’s why I can’t even believe I’m having this conversation with you right now.”


Lucky had always been treated well by both families, and so it was a shock when James Mucha, the father of Aaron Merwine, discovered what had happened. No reasons have been given why his son allegedly killed the dog, but according to his family, Merwine has been going through mental evaluations.

Merwine was held in Sarasota County Jail pending a $100,000 bond; he has been charged with one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and five counts of animal cruelty.

Rest in peace Lucky.

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  1. The maggot went through mental evaluations?????Obviously whoever was evaluating that savage SOS doesn’t know their job. Throw the fuck in jail and let jail justice be given.


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