Lucky pup survives being hit and then stuck in grille of car for 17 miles

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Obviously it’s not just cats who get nine-lives. Just ask lucky pup Coco who survived being hit by a car after bolting out of her yard in Albany on Monday and then becoming entangled in the front grille of a Chevy Cruze for 17 miles.

According to KgetNews, the Shiba Inu named Coco survived her harrowing experience which lasted 45 minutes before the driver of the vehicle heard noises. The woman stopped and was shocked to see the dog hanging out on the grille. The woman called police. An officer was able to free the dog by pressing down on the scoop of the vehicle.

The three-year-old, 16-pound pup suffered a fractured right front elbow which requires surgery. Her owner, Kathleen Davis, had been visiting relatives when the dog bolted off the porch.

Davis was initially worried about funding the surgery expected to cost between $4,000 -$6,000, an anonymous donor came forward and offered to pay the entire bill.

Coco is reported to be still wagging her tail despite her scary experience.

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(Screenshot via Metro)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    The driver hit the dog and didn’t know it? The owner didn’t see the dog get hit? Amazing! I’m glad Coco will be alright.


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