Louisiana woman arrested for shooting her pet llama

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A Louisiana woman arrested for shooting her pet llama late last week faces animal cruelty charges, however she claims the llama attacked her, and she acted in self defense.

According to the AJC, Madeline Bourgeois, 67, told St. Landry Parish deputies that her pet llama, Earl attacked her on Friday while she had been cleaning out in the pasture. She stated she hit Earl several times, and then went inside and returned with a gun firing several shots at the animal.

When authorities arrived, Earl was limping around in the pasture. The St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue transported the llama for emergency treatment:

“Earl (unaltered male Llama, adult) is a trooper. Thanks to LSU, Dr Merza, and his team of students, he is struggling but making it. 3 BULLETS, lodged throughout his body.
1) in his neck 2) in his shoulder 3) fracturing a rib and lodged in his abdomen.
He is NOT able to be rehomed til CRUELTY case is closed. We also want to geld him! This alone is SAD his owners didn’t do this. Gelding would of reduced his negative behavior(reported, not confirmed). We need donations now! PayPal to Stacey.alleman@stlandryparish.org
SLPAC OPELOUSAS LA 337-948-6184”

Sheriff Bobby Guidroz stated the owner had a right to defend herself as Bourgeois stated, however once she left the pasture, she “was no longer in danger.”

“Ms Bourgeois retrieved a gun and then returned and shot the llama which constitutes the charge of felony cruelty to animals. Bourgeois should have called a vet or animal control for assistant,” the sheriff explained.

Updates to be provided.

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Oh my, the sweetness!


4 replies
  1. Dawn says:

    Good throw the book at her. People will use excuses to try and get out of trouble. Blaming the llama is very sick take responsibility woman ?

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m glad the Sheriff saw through the “llama attack” and saw that she was able to get into the house to get a gun to shoot the poor thing so how much danger was she in? I hope they throw the book at this POS, she deserved jail time for what she has done. I hope the llama is able to find a loving home.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    THIS Ethnic HOT HEADED Macho Bitch was PISSED OFF !!! That and the Very fact this Animal Still was intact ( it a proven fact that the Culture she is of doesn’t for the most part Alter their animal’s) Just take a Look at the Problem in California with Chihuahua’s owned and relinquished at shelter’s .. and across the border to Mexico ( where the problem with strays and breeding issues are catastrophic )…She needs to Held accountable to 1st degree assault to kill!!!! A total Bitch out of Control!!!


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