Lexi returned to shelter because ‘dad found a girlfriend’

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In Long Island, New York, Lexi thought she had found a forever home with her new dad. The adorable pup had spent three years at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, and then one fine day, her dreams had come true, and for the next ten months, Lexi loved life.

Then came the devastating news. Lexi was no longer loved.

“RETURNED TO THE SHELTER … because ‘dad found a girlfriend’ And he adopted her after she had been in the shelter for 3 YEARS! he ABSOLUTELY BROKE this dog’s heart…,” the Facebook post stated as animal advocates began to share the dog’s heartbreaking story.

Meanwhile Lexi is devastated and could use everyone’s help finding a new home. It’s doubtful Lexi could stand another long stay at the shelter.

In her notes, Lexi has been classified as very dog selective, and therefore being the only dog in the home is preferred. She is very gentle and sweet, but appears shy when she meets new people.

Share Lexi’s plight with family, friends and social media contacts. Volunteers ask that advocates use their energy to help Lexi find a new home instead of on the owner who could not give this beautiful dog a lifetime commitment.


Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

3320 Beltagh Ave.

Wantagh, New York


[email protected]

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